Map Review of forgotten-secret-lab

by GrandmasterJ | December 30, 2021 | 2230 characters

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This is the third Robootto map I've played tonight. The first two maps I thought were pretty good for Robootto. This map sucks.

Right off the bat you spawn in a tunnel with infinitely respawning zombies at one end. They don't swarm spawn, but they do swarm a hole to the next level and a completely nonfunctional ladder. Thankfully spawn has a weapons drop including a guass cannon so we could charge it up and jump to the next level. The enemies spawn right there though and they spawn a lot so actually doing it is easier said than done. That's the first room and every time you die you have to deal with that garbage. There are also more weapons past the respawning zombies, so if you want to fully restock you have to really immerse in zombies.

Then there is a long tunnel that ends in a drop that will definitely hurt you, so hopefully your health isn't too low from getting through the zombie swarm. There are also tons of enemies here at first.

This leads to an outdoor area with a really big greek temple looking building. There are two Big Mommas hanging around the outside plus another respawning zombie area. Inside the building are a bunch of grunts.

Opposite the temple is a corner with Robootto's name written in really nice looking stylized brushwork lettering with a terrible looking burning house. The second floor has some zombies and a large simple glowing brush to signify fire. The zombies can fall down on top of you. After clearing out all these things the last enemies remaining in the map are the respawning zombies. There is no set end to the map, everything is just dead and explored.


  • I liked the weapons given to the player
  • Robootto writes his name really well


  • Respawning zombies crowding a nonfunctional ladder you need to get up to progress, in the first room
  • enemy placement leaves a lot to be desired, even the non-respawning zombies
  • Map generally doesn't look good
Score: 1.5 / 10
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