Map Review of borg-cube

Map review of Borg Cube

by GrandmasterJ | December 30, 2021 | 2928 characters

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Borg Cube is a very fun map with custom models and sounds that really bring to life the Star Trek setting.

Most of the combat is tight quarters with Borg crammed in. Some Borg run, lots of them have ranged attacks, a few are slow and easy to kill, others run in and murder the player. This map is really aimed for more than two players, two at minimum are required but the enemy density and strength are best dealt with more.

The weapon of choice here is mainly the gauss cannon, if you can land continuous headshots on the Borg they go down pretty quick. The Mp5 is fairly useless when you get it later, in my opinion. There are a lot of Borg here, some parts have them falling in from above because the upper layer is thick with them. They also hit really hard so if they catch up to you they can kill you pretty fast.

There is an elevator section that was less than fun. It ran on a loop and goes through an obstacle you have to climb over, and a smasher piston and a ankle level floor that slides back and forth and also smashes the player. Plus the finicky nature of goldsrc moving brushes got me killed twice just for standing on it. It was really annoying and I wish a checkpoint opened up immediately after that because I had to go through it a lot.

At one point there was a hallway that trapped us in it and a laser popped up. I thought it was going to be a real bullshit puzzle, but it wasn't. It was fairly easy and actually really fun. I think it might be the best executed laser hallway in Sven.

There is a fun last boss fight against the Borg Queen in a box. It had doors where Borg continuously spawned in, which got a bit problematic the later the fight dragged out. You need to shoot the electrified metal rods connecting her to the outer wall.

The first Borg map had some parts that I was annoyed I had to travel through every time I died. There are a lot of checkpoints and shortcuts and the first map is no exception. But there was definitely an early part I felt needed a checkpoint sooner.

I loved the atmosphere, I loved the combat, there were plenty of checkpoints well stocked with HEV and ammo. I always appreciate maps that go out of their way to give players plenty of HEV.


  • Great level aesthetic, custom models and sound effects really round out a great experience
  • lots of straightforward combat
  • plenty of checkpoints and shortcuts
  • didn't skimp on ammo or HEV
  • fun last boss
  • cool laser hallway


  • Certain areas had long travel time from spawn, especially the first half of map 1
  • The enemy placement was mostly swarms of enemies in tight quarters, it got old
  • bad elevator part
Score: 8 / 10
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