Map Review of deth

Map review of Deth

by GrandmasterJ | December 31, 2021 | 2154 characters

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This map is one of the first non-official release maps on scmapdb. I never expect much from old maps because the whole scene was still new, this one was a decent enough attempt at a first map.

The map doesn't look great first of all. The spawn room has some enemies in there so players spawn in having to deal with that. Plus the textures used for was not scaled in a way that looks good. The carpet was a texture with a big logo on it that tiled in a patter that didn't really look good or even centered in the room. Vending machines and trash cans had textures that were clearly off. The map was pretty ugly. There was an impressive looking spaceship with revolving rings at the end, It was cool looking but still looked pretty rough. By the way, the final puzzle is hopping on the revolving rings which was kind of a pain to do.

In the first map players do not spawn with HEV suits, you have to find the silver cylinder in one of the rooms close to spawn and shatter it, then take the suit. The map has HEV charge which is nice. I don't really like the HEV suit being separate, I played for a while without a HUD because I missed the suit and that was not fun. Plus, if you died you had to pick it up again.

Be warned, there is porn on the walls right in the start of the map. There's also a pretty suggestive Pamela Anderson nearby. Neither picture is very high quality but definitely not safe for kids.

There are two maps here and they are both pretty short. Combat is fairly unchallenging, one person could probably do it all alone.

All-in-all, its an interesting and short map set that definitely could be a lot better.


  • Combat was straightforward and fun
  • Cool revolving ring space ship
  • for what it is, it lasted exactly as long as I had hoped


  • The whole thing looks pretty rough
  • I didn't like picking up the HEV suit separately
Score: 5 / 10

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