Map Review of fun-land

Map review of Fun Land

by dunkelschwamm | December 30, 2021 | 1493 characters

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A poorly textured, poorly brushed space shuttle moves up and down like an elevator. A nondescript building sits forlorn nearby. An inaccessible mountainside tunnel contains two incomprehensible contraptions. From one end of the map the other end is consumed by the black void of unchecked draw distance. After marching for a minute down a blackened tunnel you find only a dead end. Not that it matters- you only could have gotten here by tampering with the server's gravity.

Why, you ask?

Robootto, that's why. We do not know why he does what he does. We do not know what crosses through his mind as he decides to publish these half-baked doodles. But he does, and they often feel intentionally created to punish players for attempting to explore them.

If you have Sven Co-op do not insert this map. If you have a server and you want to make people feel like jerks for trying to play with you could use this map, but you should never use this map.


  • That feverish quality that Robootto maps have that makes you feel kinda dizzy


  • Looks bad
  • Is nothing
  • Any attempt to look at something which looks interesting only confirms that none of it is interesting and was a waste of effort
Score: 0.1 / 10
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