Map Review of fun-land

Map review of Fun Land

by GrandmasterJ | December 31, 2021 | 995 characters

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I expected Funland to be somewhat fun. It was not fun. Players spawn in a dark and disorienting hallway with terrible ladders. The top floor is a bad looking observation deck for the rocket outside, the bottom floor has rocket access. The rocket looks terrible and it raises into the air slowy on touch, it rises up, and comes down, and it does this forever, very slowly.

There is a ledge accessible only by turning down the gravity. There is a tunnel system that I thought was maybe there so access the tunnel by some secret way, but it came to a dead end. Is there a way to access this?

The map is not fun. It looks terrible.



  • Looks bad
  • the title promises fun and nothing is fun
Score: 0 / 10
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