Map Review of fun-robo-run

by GrandmasterJ | December 31, 2021 | 1945 characters

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This map is called fun robo run. It is not fun. It has nothing to do with robots. Running is optional.

The map description says that there is a broken lift in the map but a second spawn point bypasses it. This map is dominated by that problem. The broken lift does indeed stop all progress from the initial spawn point. I took the description to mean the spawn point updates during the map, I should have known better. If you spawn at the point before the lift, you'll have to kill yourself to get to the second spawn point. Which happens to be right in the middle of some gaps the player has to jump off later in the level. This causes players to spawn in stuck inside the ground. Press l to unstick yourself and be prepared to jump away. Truly the worst spawn in any map I've played to date. Spawning here also doesn't give a clear indication of which way to go, so we went to the end of the map before doubling back to see up to the lift.

There are two maps here in this set. One feels like a beta of the other. But both are the same boring stupid layout, broken features, and awful spawn point garbage. Robo run d has a house at that that somewhat looks cute. Neither map had kill triggers in the pits at the platforming areas and in robo run b the player had full access to the bottom of the map, which was contained in a big noob skybox the whole level floats inside. You can also get on top with low gravity, which is the best way to experience this map, with low gravity.



  • Not fun
  • broken lift
  • second spawn, must suicide to spawn in the right spawn and make actual progress
  • second spawn puts players inside world geometry
Score: 0.5 / 10
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