Map Review of games-of-megazone-6

by dunkelschwamm | January 1, 2022 | 2165 characters

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In typical Robootto fashion, this map meanders and fritters out shortly after an initial shock and confusion. It takes a moment to orient one's self to the world when thrust into it, in the middle of a hallway, with no clear direction where to go, and an uneven tone set by strange lighting and textures which couldn't cling coherently to any one theme.

Once you adjust and orient yourself to your surroundings, there's a kind of dadaist charm in how garish and inconsistent the environment is. There's this kind of spark there, a hope that the in-your-face laziness of the design is a statement and that there's some sort of deconstructionist art happening. But it never delivers a real punch, more of a thousand tiny papercuts which leave the player just feeling silly for trying to find value in spending much time with it.

The map is a bizarre hallway, which teleports into a very tall room with a superfluous elevator and a battle between friendly grunts and foes which will be dead before you get much of a chance to engage them. There are areas which are accessible only by messing with gravity, which are sprawling, but ultimately empty.

Another pointless excursion, though a bit more interesting to look at at times than some of the more basic Robootto maps. Still, I can't bring myself to say that I recommend it for either private play or as part of a server list.


  • Kind of interesting visuals in the bizarre hodge podge of the beginning hallway
  • It evoked a kind of curiosity, which while ultimately disappointing, was still fun in the moment
  • It's over quickly


  • Navigating this map ranges from necessitating server cheats to waiting for superfluous elevators
  • Most of the map is pretty empty
  • There's nothing fun about the combat- no interesting weapon loadouts, and the fight is over before it begins because of the friendly AI
Score: 1.5 / 10
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