Map Review of a-soldier-s-tale

by GrandmasterJ | January 1, 2022 | 2498 characters

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A soldier's Tale is a fairly well done map set. I will admit I am pretty tired of seeing Sven maps take place in Black Mesa but this one was well done and convincing. Although I do feel the need to point out a room in one of the maps accessible only by a vent, that is some strange architecture.

The story follows a squad of HECU grunts being sent into Black Mesa and meeting both the Xen aliens and whatever is with the aliens from Opposing Forces. There are also human enemies who are somehow against the HECU. I don't really get that part but it gives a nice enemy variety, There were also voice acted lines and it is obvious that a lot of work went into this map's production.

My biggest complaint about this map overall is the flashlight trying to be like the nightvision from Opposing Forces. It doesn't work and ruins any visibility for the level. It's terrible.

The maps were for the most part straightforward and action packed. There were times where certain maps turned out to be long monster-filled hallways and upon death players had to walk down the entire length to get back to the action. There were a lot of parts where checkpoints updated but there were also a few long trips that could have been cut down.

The other parts of the maps had players avoiding lasers. There were just a lot of lasers in this map set and they weren't too difficult to navigate.

I did enjoy the weird looking Heavy Alien Grunt, it served as a nice boss fight to somewhat cap things off. I also enjoyed the frequent use of the Kingpin model. I wish there were some underbarrel grenades to play with as I felt the gargantua fight and a lot of the voltigores could have been better with those.

Overall this is a great map set plagued by a broken attempt at nightvision, some long treks through hallways, and a well done if not a bit forgettable setting.


  • Great looking level design, I felt like I was in Black Mesa
  • Voiced lines, credits, map had a story
  • good combat sections, enemy variety, weapon selection


  • Nightvision broke F for me
  • Lots of areas where I was just walking towards the action
  • Lots of boring hallways
  • I literally had to unbind F due to how bad the nightvision was
Score: 8 / 10
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