Map Review of Kilionny

Map review of Kilionny

by Cocyx | June 30, 1999 | 1724 characters


kilionny (kill yoni?) is an hilarious concept of making a "revenge" map, where the objective is usually to humiliate/kill someone that you're not exactly fond of. i'm absolutely positive that most people wanted to do this, but decided against it, usually because their target wasn't someone who would take kindly to it, or it'd cause a ridiculous amount of drama. however, most of these targets aren't a younger brother with aspergers. perfect. the map also seems to double as a showcase for the mappers shotgun model, as evident by two of the seven map pictures are just model views of that weapon. it IS a nice model, though, although it seems sort of toy-like, and the metal texture is a bit unbelievable.

the map consists of you shooting monsters with the aforementioned spergin' brothers face comically hacked onto them. there are a few "puzzles", one of which being a quiz targeted at killing his brother over and over again. however, the map seems to end way too soon, leaving you with an unsatisfying fade-out and game text plainly saying "THE END". you kind of feel that the mapper got bored of his revenge-map concept and just wanted to get it released. however, this mapper seems to have a lot of talent, and I shall look forward to a more "serious" project from him.


  • hilarious concept
  • great modeling
  • some nice textures and architecture


  • ends unsatisfyingly
  • boss monster just being a large regular monster with a lot of hp
Score: 7 / 10

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