map review of Bluecell Puzzle

by RNG | July 25, 2011 | 1674 characters

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This is definately one of the Keens released maps which is a odd masterpiece of randomness. As soon as you start the map, you cant skip its tricky blue design throughout the map. Along with bunch of shooting and tricky barnacling parts, theres some really unique puzzles like Angelina cube and a mystic killer comb which need to be experienced.

In some cases the map layout can be little confusing with example of "trap" teleporters which moves you back to start, but there is arrows indicating where to go to prevent getting lost. In overall the map is not recommended for people who search for realism factor and things being always obvious. Instead for very surreal oriented gameplay experience. Additionally recommended to play as drunk or high for another Magical mystery tour.

This is one of those maps which still deserves to be played more. Even with the fact it is a beta with unfinished stuff and abrupt ending.

Review for this map came from the interest i always had for this, eventhough the sequel? or map with similar name is a obvious shock map and alot more funnier in some places.

Edit: The score was pretty unrealistic in scale even i really like this map, whenever score like that should belong to a product which suprises even more and is carefully finalized. Cant come with any realistic rating so i keep changing it


  • Completely unique layout and design
  • Weird creative puzzles


  • Ending
  • Some confusing teleporters
Score: 7.1 / 10

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