Map Review of goretexmexsplit

by GrandmasterJ | January 2, 2022 | 2507 characters

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This map is not included in Robootto's big map pack, but is in Robootto's map pack but not the fixed version which can only be found on scmapdb. It seems that Robootto maps always go out of their way to be annoying to play. This map in particular was one of Robootto's most playable maps.

I'm not the biggest fan of respawning enemies and this map has it in spades. The starting spawn dumps the players in a room filled with repsawning zombies. It seemed that the zombies spawned infinitely but there is a limit and the zombies will eventually stop. There are hallways that do have zombies spawning infinitely, and they spawn frequently too so if you don't run forward right away a new zombie will spawn in your face.

There is a door at spawn that will prompt you to 'figure out how to get to the other side of this door' when you try to open it. This serves as the mission objective. My teammate and I scoured the room looking for clues, we almost gave up before I spotted a destructible section in the wall. This led to a strange procession of rooms. At one point there was a split in the possible paths that meandered at length before joining up again at different sections, It added to the exploration time but kept feeling like a letdown when we came to places we've been before.

Eventually we did make it to that door by turning off gravity and bypassing a broken elevator. Without that elevator being fixed I don't see how this map is close to beatable without turning down the gravity.

There is a secret area behind the signs that pop up after you open the door. It's more windy architecture that eventually leads to a Big Momma in a tight corner. Killing the Big Momma ends the map immediately and definitively.

There is a lot better gameplay here than many of Robootto's maps, but I still felt annoyed the entire time and the map was really ugly to look at.


  • Actual gameplay, clear objective, map has an end
  • The zombies in spawn stop spawning after a certain point


  • Zombies in spawn right off the bat
  • tight hallways with high frequency respawning zombies
  • Broken elevator needs cheats to bypass, half the map is unreachable without cheats
  • annoying and ugly level design
Score: 3 / 10
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