Map Review of goretexmexsplit

by dunkelschwamm | January 1, 2022 | 4368 characters

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Goretexmexsplit is a map by the infamous Robootto, known for making maps which often raise the question, "Does Robootto create bad maps because he does not care, because he create bad maps because he can't do any better, or does he create bad maps because he is actively trying to troll the players?" Robootto maps do not make you wonder if Robootto creates good maps.

Goretexmexsplit is a massive map hidden under some heavy obfuscation. Enemies often respawn for several waves, giving the impression of infinitely respawning enemies where they are actually only limitedly respawning. Breaking apart places which do not look breakable is how you proceed in more than one instance, especially early on, so be on the look out for that.

Each area is usually populated with respawning heacrabs, respawning zombies, or both, with alien grunts and bullsquids sprinkled on top. The map begins and ends with a gonarch, and inbetween there are even some vortigaunts, human grunts, and a tentacle.

Weapons are strewn haphazardly throughout the map, often supplying the player with lots of crossbow bolts and rockets. The excess of ammunition is a massive boone to the playability of this map, as much of it takes place in cramped spaces with respawning enemies with greater-than-necessary health pools. Once you begin to understand the logic of the map and how it doles out enemies it becomes surprisingly playable at times, even if it fails to be fun at every turn.

The environments and brushwork of this map are on the stranger side of Robootto's bizarre output. Some maps seem almost grounded if not for their clownishly mismatched textured, and materials blend together with no regard for how naturally they work as part of a structure. Underground areas have glass tunnels in the ceilings and chutes in the rocky walls, hallways have unnatural zigzagging humps to walk over, and sometimes chunks of water float in the air. One area in particular- a slope with several shelved balconies facing it which could each be accessible for new weapons- was an interesting idea, but again made no kind of sense as an environment or part of the level flow. It was just a thing that was there, as all things in Robootto's maps seem to be.

Despite this being on the more playable side, there are more than one area which require turning down the server's gravity to reach. One is a room which may or may not be necessary to the progress of the game, immediately above the spawn, but the other is definitely a pathway to the completion of the map. There is an elevator which moves extraordinarily and excruciatingly slowly which also happens to randomly change direction and ride all the way back down if anything (including a passenger) rides atop it. You will need to change your gravity to get past this.

The strange thing about this map is that it's a Robootto map but I feel like it actually tries multiple things with the gameflow. While a lot of it is just a hodgepodge of random shit, broken features, long hallways, and annoying respawning enemies, it feels like one of the few Robootto maps which contains actual gameflow and multiple rooms which relate to one another. This can be seen especially in full force in the hallways surrounding the tentacle, which clearly inform which direction to go in after each button is flipped, and each hallway seems to carry a theme between them. This feigned coherence truly makes this map stand out among Robootto maps.

That said, it's still a Robootto map and with so many maps available on Sven Co-op Map Database I wouldn't recommend playing this or putting it on a server. It's still broken, it's still bad, and it's still playable at best and frustrating most of the rest of the time.


  • Surprisingly playable combat at times
  • Lots of fun weapons
  • Sometimes coherent level progression


  • Lots of enemies in initial spawn
  • Still very incoherent
  • Lots of enemies which respawn an indeterminate number of times
  • Broken elevator
  • Lots of just strange, sprawling, empty corridors and needlessly slow progression
Score: 3 / 10
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