Map Review of persia

Map review of Persia

by LemonSoda | July 26, 2011 | 1650 characters

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The most beautiful Sven Co-op map I've seen so far.

The silent city night theme with pretty custom textures continues strongly to the end of the map. Architecture is carefully done, nothing goes over borders or is too plain. Nice little touches here and there: plants, fountains and texlights well positioned. Ambient sounds add to the atmosphere nicely (ambient sounds not playing in the 4.07 version of Sven Co-op really damages this map). This is a great refreshment after those plain gray black mesa maps.

Though I have to admit the gameplay is not as refreshing as the looks. Plain walkthrough with only humans as enemies makes you want some change after a few play times. Just a few random monster attacks from the sky, walls or ground and random paths/missions to investigate and more teamplay requiring parts would be a nice addition to this wonderful map.

Well, even if it has been played through a bit too many times and even if you can see some blockyness at places by todays Sven Co-op mapping standards, it's still one of a kind map taking into consideration the release year. Beautiful world to go into and to live in for as long as it lasts. Too bad skacky isn't around anymore to make a sequel.


  • Overall atmosphere is unique, it all fits!
  • Great architecture
  • Beautiful custom textures
  • Lighting
  • Ambient sounds
  • No bugs


  • Overall gameplay is not very interesting
  • Almost no requirement for teamplay
Score: 8.5 / 10

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