Map Review of indojapan

Map review of Indojapan

by GrandmasterJ | January 8, 2022 | 2180 characters

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This map is a mess.

There are two spawn zones, one of which is at a sushi bar, where the map description says it starts, and the other in in a burning town. My teammate and I were both in different spawns and we had no clue how to get to each other or what was happening or where either of us were. We were pretty fast in deciding to noclip around and see what the whole map looked like. Imagine our surprise when we found a ton of different rooms.

It turns out the map is a bunch of rooms with teleporters in that chain all the rooms together. The sushi bar has a breakable section of bar that has far too much health.

The map is pretty ugly overall. The proportions are messed up and in the outside area you can see into a perpendicular tunnel. The tunnel mouth has some bad transparency issues as well. There are several areas that look like the players were meant to crawl though here, but the proportions are too small to allow that. There are undersized beds with strange rectangles I could only guess where pillows. Probably the most harmful to the senses was a cave system that strobed bright lights. Consider this an epilepsy warning. The strobing was so bad I could not stand to be in that room. Textures were applied lazily, the vast majority are not aligned properly.

There was a chunk of map only accessible by noclip. It seems to be a disembodied chunk of a lobby map, with nonfunctional portals to some of Robootto's other maps.

The map was confusing, disorienting, offensive to the eyes, and at some points even painful to play.


  • The series of rooms tied together with teleporters is a good design choice


  • Spawn point placement is very confusing
  • level design and aesthetic created a disorienting feeling when teleporting to a new place
  • the strobing seizure room is unpleasant
  • textures chronically misaligned
  • ugly brushwork, real bad proportions
Score: 1.5 / 10
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