Map Review of abelkerky

Map review of Abelkerky

by dunkelschwamm | January 8, 2022 | 1929 characters

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Abelkerky is what appears to be a slaughter map full of respawning zombie soldiers, voltigores, and gonarchs. The arena in which they spawn is a large pit with a ramp leading down into it, up to an upper floor with two entrances and the respawn point for the zombies. To get into the arena, there are two doors and some friendly turrets with heavy health, all going back into the player spawn. The player spawns with full health and all of the Sven weapons available at the time of the map's release, as well as a minigun at spawn and an extra uzi.

The brushwork and design of the map is extremely lazy. It gives off the feeling that a lot of slapdash maps do, where doors are massive glass blocks and little thought is given to texture placement or really any attempt to make any part of the map resemble anything. It all just serves the purpose of letting the players shoot zombies, voltigores, and gonarchs.

It's pretty juicy to unload weapons into these enemies, and the level is entirely functional, but given that it's pretty nondescript and has nothing to offer other than slaughtering endless enemies with the same few weapons, it gets old pretty quickly. But then, that's coming from somebody like myself who doesn't often indulge in such maps.

If you run a server for slaughter maps or want to waste time with a friend, you might get some enjoyment out of this.


  • Lots of weapons and equipment
  • Good choice of enemies for an infinite respawn battle


  • Shoddy brushwork with no care put into it
  • Gets boring as quickly as firing all of the game's weapons at a wall would, I reckon
  • Kind of a wonky arena setup
Score: 3.5 / 10
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