Map Review of abelkerky

Map review of Abelkerky

by GrandmasterJ | January 8, 2022 | 2336 characters

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I didn't know what to make of this map before playing. The map description is completely useless redundant info, and the screenshots don't really look like anything. This map is an attempt at a stadium-like map, with a large pit full of respawning enemies and plenty of ordinance to drop on them.

It's not done as well as other stadium maps, namely stadium. Player start with almost all the weapons and full ammunition for them. There are HEV batteries, dual uzis, and a chaingun in spawn, but since players start with full HEV the batteries are there for resupply. There is no ammunition so once you use up all the ammo for a gun then you have to die to resupply. There is a big window showing the arena pit and two hallways on either side with transparent glass walls that slide to the side via a button. Two friendly turrets are on the other side of each door. The hallways end with big doors (that will crush players on close) and connect on the opposite side of the pit from spawn, an elevated platform with a ramp in the middle. Soldier zombies spawn up here constantly while voltigores and gonarchs spawn below in the pit. The monsters spawn in high numbers, at one point having about three gonarchs and something like six volitgores plus however many zombies there were.

The ramp allows the monsters to rush right at the player, even following through the big doors and into the turrets which stop them pretty fast. The vast arsenal plus the max ammunition the players start with allow for doing tons of damage against high health enemies and cuts down on resupply time before getting back into the action.

The map design is rough and functional. The lighting looks fullbright and some textures are stretched.

I've played better horde and stadium maps, this one is all right.


  • Player start with a generous helping of guns and ammo
  • beefy defenses to keep monsters out of spawn, can be fun to lure monsters into


  • The level design is done better by other maps
  • the level doesn't look good
  • no ammo to resupply guns
Score: 3.5 / 10
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