Map Review of indokiina

Map review of Indokiina

by dunkelschwamm | January 9, 2022 | 2168 characters

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This is a review of two maps together: indokiina and indokiina2_chaosslum. indojapan, also by Robootto, is supposedly a sequel to these. If you can understand any way that makes sense I invite you and strongly urge you to explain some of this to me.

indokiina is a series of outdoor rooms connected by an outdoor hallway. Weapons are strewn about, some brushes with novelty textures adorn the walls of the rooms, some broken zombies with the Gina model and respawning headcrabs keep you company. The whole thing is lit in this weird sickly dim light that makes everything kind of off-putting and uneasy. The first room has what appears to be a crudely brushed out toilet and bathtub with floating red goop water all around it and an HEV suit standing in the tub. This, accompanied by two Ginas half sunken into the ground and making zombie noises, gave everything the feeling that I was playing a nightmare.

The second map, indokiina2_chaosslum, is I imagine some kind of server waiting room map. It's full of weapons, chaotically scrambled brushwork and strange textures, some zombies walking around. I imagine if you play with PvP settings this can be an entertaining map for a full server in the same way any room full of weapons can be fun for PvP servers. The most prominent feature of this map is a large brush with text on it that feels like reading a pop-up ad promoting Robootto with the coherency of the toynbee tiles.

Both maps are ugly, feel pointless, have no beginning or end, and are only interesting to look at in how shocking and bizarre it is that anybody would think to make this in the first place, let alone release it. There's a surreal quality about it that feels entirely unintentional.

I don't recommend either map, obviously.


  • They almost trick you into thinking they might be interesting to look at for a second.
  • Weapons I guess.


  • Ugly
  • Pointless
  • Clearly broken zombie enemies, but released anyway?
Score: 0.1 / 10

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