Map Review of trials

Map review of Trials

by Cocyx | July 25, 2011 | 2057 characters

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for the past handful of months, streamfox seemed to occupy himself on remaking the same pushable box map over and over, changing its name and style each time. it seemed only yesterday when i played the original smart_cube, and showed streamfox a cube-riding exploit that broke one of the early laser puzzles. streamfox then redesigned the puzzle in the next version of the map so that the cube-riding was actually a feature, and the only way to properly complete the aforementioned puzzle. since then, cube-riding has been a prominent feature in all 800 remakes of this pushable box map, with even instruction textures on the walls explaining the stunt. many other puzzles have been remade with each new version also, replacing and removing various elements in the attempt of puzzle perfection.

along the way, however, he seems to keep forgetting important elements, such as
shoulders for moving platforms/elevators so the box doesn't slide off upon loading it, and other puzzles that have should of been scrapped entirely because of severe difficulty and annoyance. the music also seems to get lamer and lamer each remake; the original score from RNG being one of the best original songs made for a sven map, bringing the puzzling atmosphere to great heights. this time around, it has been replaced with what sounds like cheesy late 90's spy video game music. i'm sure the nostalgia factor is great and all, but when it comes to a puzzling atmosphere, it seems almost comically unfitting. i just hope stream fixes some of these design choices in the next remake of this map. or next five hundred.


  • great puzzles
  • great textures
  • okay length


  • been remade to death
  • devious_trials was better
  • lame music
  • some frustrating puzzles
  • random difficulty curve
Score: 6.8 / 10

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