Map Review of in-prison

by dunkelschwamm | January 15, 2021 | 3241 characters

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Robootto strikes again. If you're familiar with Robootto, you know that means we're going to be groaning!

In Prison is a map made out of inconveniences glues together by contempt. At multiple points in this map I felt like Robootto was making a fool of me by my somehow deciding to continue playing this may through.

The first trial of patience and woe is the prison cell within which the players begin this map. It's a standard cell lazily blocked out to house furniture reminiscent of a small studio apartment, complete with sinks and counters and mirrors and a TV. By trashing the counter you can escape the cell. Trashing the counter takes a very long time. It takes many crowbar swings and snarks to destroy the counter. Oh yeah, the cell has respawning snarks in it as well. These are crucial for survival and there's not enough trickling in for what the players need going forward.

Past a couple friendly Barnies the players face a couple assassins, some squads of particularly nasty grunts, some zombies and grunts at the same time inside of a strange indoor area with interactable curtains which reveal strange stuff off to the sides of the map, or in one case a texture which has no bearing on the rest of the map.

Moving forward is the gonome room. Dealing with a bunch of gonomes with snarks and a pistol is not optimal. Right before this room is a bathroom full of zombies. Clearing this out is tedious and ultimately without much reward.

Once the gonomes are dead there's "THE BOSS", a piranha sunken into the ground for us to to kill by swinging crowbars at it for at least a minute. When it finally died nothing happened. We continued into a glowing meat wall and ended up in the chessboard room.

The chessboard room is perhaps the closest thing I've seen to Robootto having a good idea and it still falls flat, ultimately turning it into the most annoying part of the map. The chessboard is a maze of invisible kill walls. You can find your way by throwing snarks straight forward, but if you run out of snarks after a certain ways you have to go all the way back to the prison cell for more snarks. You could probably just memorize the maze if you write it down. In the end my comrade and I made our way through by getting most of the way with snarks, then bearing the killwall's damage with some HEV suit. My comrade kept accidentally touching the kill part. It was annoying.

The ultimate prize is a room where you can turn on and off colored lights.

If you're looking for a map to play this isn't it. If you're looking for a map for your server keep looking.


  • Almost a good idea here or there.
  • Some of the map looked fine
  • I like the thought of a snark-based map


  • Utterly frustrating gameplay throughout most of it
  • Not enough ammo for anything
  • Poorly placed skybox and stuff, can see through map
  • Just bad and slow and baffling most of the way through. Doesn't respect the player's time.
Score: 2.5 / 10
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