Map Review of in-prison

by GrandmasterJ | January 15, 2022 | 2684 characters

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This map starts out the player in a jail cell with a cabinet holding nothing, a light switch that plunges the room into darkness, snarks, and a counter with far, far too much health. The player must spend an eternity wailing on the counter in order to break it and then go through the vent to freedom. There are Barneys here but they do nothing. It's also important to mention that the one source of snarks here in the spawn are the only weapons present on the map and if you want more snarks you're out of luck.

Outside there is a courtyard, there are boxes and a ladder up to another courtyard filled with human grunts. This would seem like a good spot to use snarks, they sail over the wall quite easily, but the human grunts have laser like accuracy and will shoot them out of the sky. So players have to expose themselves and use up all the ammo they have for the pistol before jumping over the wall in a suicidal crowbar charge. Repeat until the soldiers are dead.

Then there is a room with zombies and solders who are too busy with each other to bother the players much. There are two buttons which open up a lovely view to ammo you can't get and a map of Black Mesa that doesn't really apply to anything in this map. After this room is a bathroom full of zombies and headcrabs and an office full of gonomes. It's important to note here that snarks absolutely work on the gonomes and zombies.

After the office is a too long hallway ending in a teleporter at the bottom of a ladder. Move fast because if a teammate goes through the teleporter after you then they can telefrag you. Up the ladder and over a hump is an invisible maze, hooray! Touching the walls of the maze kill players real fast. Snarks can be used to probe the walls of the invisible maze to great effect. At the end of the invisible maze is a room with two buttons. One button turns the room purple, the other turns the room yellow. Both buttons on at the same time will turn the room dark. That is it, the map is over.


  • Snarks are genuinely useful and interesting here


  • The counter in the beginning of the map had far too much health for players with crowbars
  • the soldiers after the starting room mow down all snarks, forcing players to shoot and crowbar them
  • that hallway after the offices was arbitrarily long
  • map ends in an invisible kill-wall maze
  • after the maze is a disappointing reward
Score: 3 / 10
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