Map Review of jump-fall

Map review of Jump Fall

by dunkelschwamm | January 15, 2022 | 1653 characters

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I don't even know what to say about Robootto's maps anymore. They just unfold and unfold and unfold just enough for you to believe there's going to be a light at the end of the tunnel, but it's always just confusion and disappointment.

This map is no different.

After a series of confusing events whose events seem untied to one another, mostly involving finding out which spawn room you appeared in at different ends of the map, other times involving finding hordes of enemies. Sometimes you find big troves of ammo.

After aimlessly wandering there's nothing much left to this map. I really wish I had more to say, but this map is just an amorphous nothing full of nonsense areas which look enough like a place with their Half-Life textures that they aren't even interesting in how nonevocative they are.

I feel like most players would get stuck looking for how to unplug the titular fall pit. Once you do it's spectacularly uneventful, dropping the player down into a janky water block that floats in the middle of a room.

This is a map with no clear beginning and no clear ending. Everything inbetween is misery. Stay out, stay away. Hopefully it's not too late for you.



  • The whole map is just grating, confusing bumping against walls looking for anything to do until the things to do run out and nobody bothers to tell you
Score: 0.1 / 10
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