Map Review of jump-fall

Map review of Jump Fall

by GrandmasterJ | January 15, 2022 | 3284 characters

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Whenever I play maps made by Robootto I get one of two distinct feelings. One feeling is 'this is absolute garbage' and the other feeling, which this map gave me, is 'this map is made to piss me off'.

I downloaded the Big Robootto map pack which means I got not only this map, but two earlier versions of this map as well. So I got to see behind the curtain of this map, just a bit. There is a lot going on, there are a lot of rooms, and I have no clue how to get to any of them.

The map starts in one of two places, either a room with a load of weapons, a glass plug in the floor, a glass window, and a door. Or it starts in a room with respawning alien slaves and some magnums. If you spawn in the first place, good luck getting out. I got tired of being trapped in there so I noclipped out and started looking around. At some point the door actually opened and my teammate was able to get through the door, past two incredibly fast respawning alien grunts, and down some stairs filled with headcrabs to a button that released the glass plug.

Jump-falling into the glass plug (apparently this map is all about that?) puts you at the the same level as the other spawn area. You have to fight through a load of bullsquids and then a room jam packed with a load of enemies that respawn, although after a few times through this room only four sombies kept respawning infinitely. Four is too much already. After this room is the secondary spawn area with the infinitely respawning alien slaves. The only other apparent exit (there is a locked door with a slot above it that doesn't open, my teammate was throwing grenades through the slot to no avail) is a dim hallway ending in a glowing crystal that seems like it should break, but doesn't.

There's a lot more to the level. There is stuff behind the glowing crystal that doesn't break or do anything. There is stuff behind the window at one of the spawns that doesn't open. There is a load of stuff here that I have no idea how to access, and I don't even want to try due to the cramped spaces filled with respawning enemies. At the end of the day, this map made me so frustrated that I didn't even want to try unravelling its secrets. I played two of the earlier versions of this map in Robootto's Big map pack and it doesn't get better. I am convinced this is a troll map deliberately made to make players angry.

Honestly, maybe I would have had more fun if I played this and not the other two maps. but either way, this map is not good. The enemies are made to be constantly in the way and annoying, the way forward is never clear, and from top to bottom the whole thing feels like it is attacking me personally.


  • I have never been so glad that I could just turn Sven Co-op off


  • respawning enemies in close quarters in the least convenient places
  • blocked paths with no clear way to open them
  • two separate spawn areas
  • This is the first map I've played where I have been 100% sure it's meant to be no fun at all
Score: 0.5 / 10
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