Map Review of ace-football

by GrandmasterJ | January 22, 2022 | 2710 characters

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I never expected a working football map in Sven Co-op. But I had hoped for something fun. I don't think this map delivered fun.

I spawned in the red locker room. For some reason the red locker room has another room filled with friendly enemies. There was a Big Momma, Shock Trooper, two soldiers, one of the npcs had the skin of the floater, an enemy cut from Half-Life, and some others. These NPCs did nothing but leave the room and get in the way of the players. The blue locker room does not have this menagerie of useless barriers.

Outside of the locker rooms is the football (soccer) field. It's a wide open space with an ashtray in the middle serving as the football. It doesn't really slide so players have to push and drag it. Due to it's size and shape it's easy to stop pushing it. There is a big window with the Gman and some zombies inside along with health and HEV chargers.

Between the locker rooms is a teleporter. This teleports the player to a big room textured with crates. There is a hole in the middle of this room that drops players down to a room divided by a seemingly unbreakable glass wall with a teleporter on the other side. On one side of the room is a drop down to a bunch of male assassins with sniper rifles. Players only have the default starting weapons at this point so shooting all these guys is tedious. After killing them all we dropped down to find the same as above, a room divided by a seemingly unbreakable glass wall with a teleporter on the other side.

At this point my teammate and I gave up trying to find anything else. There is that glass room by the football field we need to get to, and the teleporters behind the glass, the map description promises 'tons of secrets'. I enabled cheats and we noclipped around. The teleporters don't do anything and there is nothing else in the map to find. The way to get behind the glass by the football field is a teleporter on the outside of the crate room. I have no clue how I'm supposed to access it. I don't know if this map was always broken or if it broke with an update, but it doesn't work.

The football part is barely functional, the combat is tedious, the secrets are all broken, the map looks bad especially the crate room.


  • At its core, the football aspect does work


  • The combat sucked
  • none of the secrets seemed to be working
  • the map doesn't look very good, especially the crate room
Score: 3 / 10
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