Map Review of uprising

Map review of Uprising

by Shattered Heart Lynx | July 26, 2011 | 2081 characters

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I like urban-themed maps, playing through gorgeous cities makes you feel good after playing 9001 overrated Black-Mesa maps.

I found Uprising. Snooping around some random Sven Co-op sites looking for new maps to play, I found this one, the screenshots looked promising enough, so, I try it out.

You first start on a tunnel, on the way to stop the bad guys from the story. The map architecture is very nice, it really makes you see you're on a city. The model replacement are original and they fit well on the background story and the map itself.

The urban schemes are very well done, you can see graffittis on the backyard walls, there's a Subway (and by the way, it's awesome to fight in there). And if that's not enough, the robo grunts, and respawning soldiers are a challenge for those who like a nice action in a map.

But not everything is flower and candies, or some random J-Pop or Para-Para party; Though this map is very good for my opinion, it has some flaws (some really painful ones) that will deny you from finishing the map (or, crashing the server).
In a part when there's two machine guns, the server's FPS will drop down drastically, even to the server/game stop from working at all, so, server admins, ripent and take them out!.

Also, there's a bug in the subway station, the grunts will jump on the subway tracks, killing them instantanely. Although this is not a bug that denies you to play, it's kinda ackward to see that your enemies are commiting suicide.

Overall, though this map has some flaws, it's worth to play, and/or have on your server ¬°you will have fun!


  • Urban themed map.
  • Challenging enought.
  • Custom content.
  • Kinda original background story.
  • It's not redundant.


  • The server's FPS will drop down drastically on the twin M60 machineguns.
  • Minor desing flaws ruins the map overall.
Score: 8.8 / 10

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