Map Review of castle-map

Map review of Castle Map

by dunkelschwamm | January 16, 2022 | 2645 characters

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I'd like to preface this review by saying that, in the description the author of this map seems to be apologizing for making a map. I hope they continue making maps, because I truly think that, as a beginner mapper, BingusMaster shows great potential.

Castle Map is a short action offensive map wherein players swiftly overthrow a castle. The castle comes complete with a moat which traps the player until they commit suicide, some weird flag or something to the side of the castle with a canopy tarp wrapped around it. Attacking that triggers a grunt ambush to teleport in, and opens the castle. As you progress new checkpoints become available and fresh weaponry is usually provided complete with fast-spawning ammo.

Once inside the castle the gameplay is fairly simple sieging and room clearing. The rooms are gigantic, though, as it is a castle. Gigantic and plain looking, as rooms are spacious and always filled with the same (kinda bad) textures, antithematic electric lights, and only occasionally some very plain modern furniture in a far-off corner. I haven't got a clue what kind of theme or setting this meant to evoke.

Near the top of the castle it turns into all dragons all the time. Dragons are voltigores and they're fine to fight, especially since the players are armed with high-ammo SAWs at this point. After a boss battle with a gargantua with a Starman model the map ends. I'm sure these custom models were lifted from somewhere else but they're fun in the moment.

Overall the map is clearly made by somebody with a good head on their shoulders, they just haven't gotten any of the technical fine crafting skills you'd see in more thoughtfully made releases. Still, it works and was a decent enough short romp.

If you're looking for some filler map in your server rotation you have nothing to lose by using this map.


  • The map is very playable from the beginning to the end
  • I thought the dragons were cute
  • I thought the starman was cute
  • The armaments and updating respawn were pro moves way ahead of the rest of the map's execution


  • Really ugly map
  • While playable, it was pretty forgettable gameplay from beginning to end too
  • There's a really bad ladder at the end I didn't mention in the review, but that was a BAD ladder
  • Moat at the beginning will trap you forever
  • Lazy enemy distribution in the end
Score: 4.9 / 10
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