Map Review of activist

Map review of Activist

by dunkelschwamm | January 21, 2022 | 4560 characters

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Activist is a very well made action mapset by Frel. It features a story which works as a very loose context for what's happening, but it isn't really necessary for the full enjoyment of the map. That is because the map itself is very straight-forward.

Fight your way through a biogenetics(?) laboratory in order to free the animals- and then kill the animals! Play as the worst animal rights activist ecoterrorists on the face of the planet as you murder your way into the complex, release biotoxins, fight and kill the very mutated animals you sought to save, and then continue to slaughter countless more people on your way out.

The map plays fast and loose with how the virus comes into play, really just using it as an excuse to feature alien monsters and zombies. The rest of the map features flying setnry drones (alien controllers), barneys of various shapes and sizes, robogrunts of various shapes and sizes, and some fun animal themed monsters where the effort was made (and simple Xen and Race X monsters where the effort wasn't made). When I first saw that the baby gargs were called "A Gorilla, Maybe?" or something along those lines, I understood that this map is being tongue-in-cheek and understands that it's stretching its premise. And, you know what, I completely respect that.

The map is very well done. The textures, brushwork, and lighting give this mapset a very unique feel. At times it evoked SiN, other times it reminded me somewhat of Deus Ex. But overall it really has its own voice, and it carried that through to the end. All of it was top-notch, got the job done very well. There are a couple areas where the ability to climb exposes null texture (check out the tops of the computer consoles in the first spawn point). At the same time, the maps does include very charming details, such as metal detectors at security points where guards are posted, or the backs of escalators being the belt rolling up, that really show a lot of care went into these maps.

There are many fun bits I can recall looking back on it now. An elevator full of SWAT guys ambushing the players, the giant robo-garg, the shark tank, the many gonome ambushes… The map's got tons of straight-forward, fun bits for players to enjoy. There are some lulls here and there, with a few mostly non-offensive but also totally unnecessary elevator rides which slow things down. There's also not much in the way of updating checkpoints… I think it happens once in all of the maps.

One thing I appreciate is that the map keeps you equipped for battle. Spawn areas equip the players with uzis, shotguns, MP5s, and ammo. Often throughout the maps there are spots to recharge health and HEV. Sometimes there's even two separate HEV machines so the server isn't just a bunch of dudes splitting a gatorade.

There's a bit where you're in an elevator and it goes up and down and fucks with you. I think it's supposed to be like a cinematic bit but it just killed us and didn't make a whole lot of sense. The top of the elevator exploded for some reason? Why did the top of the elevator explode? I guess I just thought it was weird, I wasn't into it.

For all of its humor and great looking maps, Activist is an action mapset first and foremost. If you keep pressing forward you'll always find yourself in deeper monsters to ravage and well-equipped to do so- as long as you stay well positioned to do so and don't get cornered. There's very little backtracking, and very little in the way of puzzle solving. Aside from hunting the occasional switch, most of this is spent in battle. It's of medium length, taking roughly an hour to complete.

If you're looking for a fun, straight-forward action mapset to play with friends or throw on your server rotation, Activist has everything you're looking for and is sure convenient because it's part of the core Sven Co-op package!


  • Looks great, with a very unique voice and environments
  • Good pacing throughout
  • Satisfying battles with lots of victories throughout
  • Tense ambushes
  • Good equipment upkeep
  • Funny


  • Maybe could use more weapon variety. Shotgun and MP5 were getting stale by the third map.
  • Long treks through the map with each death
  • Really the only bits that aren't combat are just button hunts.
Score: 7.5 / 10
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