Map Review of adam-s-puzzles

by GrandmasterJ | January 29, 2022 | 4099 characters

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The map description reads 'inspired by 5 Ways to Die', this is a map where the player is given five forks and must choose the path that doesn't kill them. This map is that concept, but instead of randomly picking a path there are questions the players must answer. The map is called Adam's Puzzles, but its really just Adam's quiz.

Most of the questions could be solved by a quick google, the last question was a large math problem that both my teammate and I agree the correct answer in the map has a typo that makes it incorrect. There was also a question about dolphins that didn't seem to agree with our research either. If you're going to make a map with trivia questions the trivia has got to be accurate. There was also one question that was very confusing and may have been the author's personal opinion.

Upon death players have to go back through all the questions they already answered to get back to where they are. The first question is accessed via teleporter so it would be nice if the teleporter updated so we wouldn't have to run back through the entire map each death. Near the end of the map the return journey was slow and painful.

I liked the level design. The rooms were pretty basic and the textures were standard Black Mesa fare, but there was a really cool shark tank that surrounds a walkway the players go through. The way to each room also had a really neat and unique room transition. There was one series of questions where the answers are on the floor, and players drop through them. Three out of four drop into lava, the fourth one drops players into lava as well but sucks them into a tunnel before they can land. It's a fun flourish that I appreciate.

There are also a bunch of boomboxes set up around the map playing some fun music. It's nice to have a soundtrack while you think (google answers). It set a nice mood in the shark room.

Right before the last question there is a sign with a seizure warning for the next room. There are two walls, one red, and the other blue. The warning sign says if you are prone to seizures step into the blue portal and if you are fine step into the red portal. I chose red immediately and my contrarian teammate chose blue. The blue portal took him back near the start of the map. I thought it was going to take him past the question or maybe disable the flashing lights in the next room. Instead it set him back a long ways, so I guess if you are prone to seizures then avoid this map.

After the last question player's get to the 'Cool Zone', complete with pool, moonlit balcony, a portal to an observation area, and a super sexy porn room. The porn room is full of porn. This is not a trick or another instant death trap, the room has some porn on the walls. Taking the portal to the observation room puts players in a sort of computer lab, each monitor shows what room the camera is looking at and pressing use on a monitor will show you the feed. I played with two players and we were both in this room, the camera feeds were boring. Maybe with a server filled with people it would be fun to watch, but I was less interested in the observation room than I was in the porn room.

I didn't think this map would be good, and I still don't think its very good. The description says the map is abandoned because it wasn't fun to play. I can totally see that. I don't think the map is bad, I just don't think its very fun. It's perfectly playable and can be experienced easily.


  • Fun transitions that move players to the next room or to death in each question's answers
  • Fun reward room at the end
  • nice music


  • The answers to at least three questions that are confusing and/or innaccurate
  • Lots of walking back to the latest question, through the whole map
  • the seizure warning teleport is badly handled
Score: 5 / 10
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