Map Review of gargpit

by GrandmasterJ | January 29, 2022 | 2508 characters

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This map was made way back in 1999, one of the first maps made for Sven Co-op, and is one of the official maps featured in one of the early releases of Sven Co-op. I didn't really know what to expect, but it felt very similar to 2bases.

The whole point of the map is to bully two gargantuas in an arena with an arsenal of weapons. The correct word for it is bully. At first my teammate and I took teleporters to high vantage points and shot at the gargantuas from afar, but I got bored and started to run around the arena. The arena has ammo and HEV scattered around but it also has access to the spawn area and a generous bounty of high explosives. Players can easily outpace the gargs, so my teammate and I were sprinting backwards while emptying our egon gun and rockets into them. They went down real easy. We only died once apiece the entire time we played the map, we were just racking up the kills.

The spawn area had a bunch of weapons and ammo along with HEV and health. There were also the aforementioned teleporters that would take players to high vantage points in the four corners of the map. With two players one could easily steal all the weapons before the other can. I can imagine with more players there would be a severe lack of supplies.

While the design of the arena is perfectly functional and a good place to bully the gargs, it was also made out of simple blocks and wasn't interesting to look at. The flat straight canyon walls with gray concrete textures was boring.

There were also bullsquids on some platforms shooting annoying bullshit at us. I don't think they added to the map and if there were more enemies I would rather them be gargantuas. That's the thing I would add to this map, more gargantuas.

All in all there is not much to this map. It's kind of a zen relaxing murder of large dangerous aliens map. The concept is simply executed and it works, my teammate and I played the map for about forty-five minutes before deciding to end it.


  • Good spawn point with HEV and ammo in the middle of the arena
  • simple concept well executed


  • There could probably have been more ammo in spawn
  • the bullsquids detracted from the gargs
  • the map design was bland
Score: 6.5 / 10
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