Map Review of putki

Map review of Putki

by GrandmasterJ | January 29, 2022 | 1451 characters

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This map is very simple, players start out next to health chargers and access to a glass tube filled with platforms. Players must jump up increasingly difficult and complex platforms high up into the tube until they finally reach a ladder up to a small empty house at the top.

The platforming is ridiculously hard, I failed at the easy stuff and my teammate got almost to the end before he fell off and decided to noclip back to where he was instead of climbing. I don't blame him. I am not a fan of first person platforming and I was very annoyed at the platforming in this map. My teammate didn't like it either.

There is no reward at the end of this map. After getting to the top players get to hang out in a small shack with windows looking out onto two poles. Jumping out the window will always spell doom for the unfortunate player that does so.

I didn't like it, but its playable, I think.


  • Playable. probably
  • there were health chargers on the ground for players who survive the fall


  • the platforming is frustrating
  • there is no reward for completion
  • the platforming is tedious and very long. There are sections with very steep ramps
Score: 2 / 10
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