Map Review of putki

Map review of Putki

by dunkelschwamm | January 29, 2022 | 2816 characters

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Putki is a Robootto map, which means you know for certain upon starting it up that you are in for confusion as to whether the map is laughing with you or at you. This is one of the maps that, for me, feels like it leans more toward the latter, but I think that could also just be inherent in the design goals of a challenging platforming tube- which is exactly what this map is.

Put properly, Purki is a Robootto map wherein you traverse a challenging platforming tube. The tube is glass, and the platforming contained within is mostly wood blocks. It has a sorta cramped diameter, but can fit woodblocks and ramps which are incredibly steep and difficult to dismount once traversed all the way up. This is one of those platforming courses that feels like it's built more around exploiting Goldsrc's quirks than it is around comprehensible platforming skills. The difficulty curve is inconsistent, with most of the more challenging parts being the ramps in the middle portion of the tube.

Once the players reach the top, they will find themselves in a small, featureless cabin atop the gargantuan tube. Breaking either of two windows allows players to jump out onto either two tall beams situated parallel to the tube, or simply fall all the way down to the bottom for a satisfying splat.

When the player spawns it is in a room with a little pointless ramp thing on the side of the wall which is steep in ways that make it incredibly frustrating and wonky to move up. My teammate speculated that it was an attempt to troll the player. We didn't realize it would be training for a third of the map's platforming.

As somebody who likes platforming in Sven Co-op, I didn't really like this map. Some of it was fine at best, but most of it was just weird jank puzzles that I'm not into. If that sounds like something you'd be into, you can play this map alone or with a friend- it makes little difference. If you have a server with lots of weird nonsense maps this might find a place in it somewhere. I can see this being goofy and fun with an absolutely packed server, but I guess every map is fun under those circumstances.


  • It's a very coherent attempt at a simple concept as far as robootto maps go
  • I think some of the platforming was fun
  • The glass tube is an interesting visual kinda


  • I think much of the platforming was not fun
  • Most of the map is kind of ugly
  • There's little satisfaction in getting to the top and finding yourself in an empty cabin
  • Weird slope shit that was frustrating to traverse
Score: 4 / 10
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