Sodagod's Brutally Honest Review

by Sodagod | July 29, 2011 | 991 characters

A very interesting map.

This map is dead fun. Period. I had a blast shooting the minigun from the helicopter, and the sometimes hilariously named enemies and allies can be just that, funny. The boss fight at the end is dead fun, and the fact that it is Richard Boderman himself makes this map one of the funniest I have played.


  • Fun Enemies
  • Fun Boss Fight
  • Fun Allies
  • Amazing Scenery
  • Lots of Enemies you can sink yor teeth into
  • NPCs know EXACTLY where to go


  • Can lag a lot, despite the fixes, on some servers, to the point of extreme annoyance
  • Pro 5 is a Con as well, there may actually be too many enemies, but this can be fixed with a few extra players
  • I couldn't add another Pro, so I will list it here: The Flight of the Valkyeries is a GREAT music choice
Score: 9.8 / 10

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