Map Review of megaoxean

Map review of Megaoxean

by GrandmasterJ | February 6, 2022 | 1730 characters

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This map has some weird filter on it where all you see is white unless you are underwater. There is a tube in spawn that you can see somehow. Jump down the tube, fall into the megaoxean, fight robogrunts with pistol and crowbar and maybe the rocket launcher in the whited out spawn room. If you aren't underwater, what you see is white.

I played with a friend, he was white, I got to the room under the oxean, it was white. I noclipped through the level and jumped around a couple areas, they were all white. There were also a ton of enemies with a lot of health that I could not fight because I could not see them because they were white.

The point I'm trying to make here is that you can't see anything in this map and its not fun. When I noclipped around the level I saw an extensive area I had yet to get to, but all I could see ls white when I am not cheating. I can't even review this, its like somebody spilled paint on their school project and then turned in a massive clump of white and now expects a grade. It's a big fat F, you can't turn that in and expect anything different.


  • If it worked right, it might have been cool


  • its all white
  • you can't see anything
  • enemies blend in with the white and they are hard to fight
  • all the rooms sucked because they were white and you can't see anything, except under the water
  • This level of user-hate had to be intentional, who accidentally makes their whole map white?
Score: 0 / 10
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