Map Review of little-fun-park

by dunkelschwamm | February 13, 2022 | 3922 characters

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Another three maps from Robootto's wacky brand of whimsy and anti-gameplay. All three maps require chiseling your way out of a destructible wall that is textured like a door to taunt you (in the third map it's the wall next to the door that's destructible so you end up wasting your time attacking the door if you're thinking of the previous maps. The destructible has way too much health to destroy unless you cheat or have all 16 players hammering on it at once. I'd recommend that you cheat, but I'd sooner recommend not playing the map at all.

After breaking your way out, in all three maps you're presented with the fun park. The fun park consists of the area you just broke out of which is some sort of chamber near a console-controlled open elevator platform which I think is supposed to be like a lift-and-drop ride. There's a track-train block that scoots around in the air- very slowly in the first map, at a decent click afterwards. You can get into this flying scooter train thing by falling out of what looks like a giant sewing machine- like it's actually supposed to be a giant sewing machine, just that that's the closest facsimile I can think of that anyone might relate to.

There's a strange structure that is bulbous on top and has a walkable area underneath. As far as I can tell there is no way to get inside of the bulb, but noclipping in I found a Robootto credit texture, strobing pink lights, and a gauss gun. There's probably a way in there but I do not care to find out.

There's two large warehouse-like buildings, one of which houses a hallway-like "labyrinth" that is genuinely a waste of time series of walls to walk through with less content than the Windows 95 maze screensaver. The other building has a bunch of screenshots from other Robootto maps in a gallery format and a bunch of vortigaunts. In the third map, the labyrinth room is mostly empty.

In the second map there are two secret teleporters which send you to tiny level vignettes. Neither are memorable nor very fun to play. They generally rely heavily on haphazard enemy placement, ultra-linear progression, wonky platforming that feels less like acrobatics or rock climbing but instead like stumbling through heavy roots, and are just generally a pain to navigate. They end in dead ends anyway and there's no way to get back to the rest of the map without using the kill command.

The third map was half-submerged underwater and had a giant floating train brush as a pushable object floating on top. The entire map seemed to be stretched and squashed to proportions which broke the map, textures were replaced, and a charming little beach area complete with another inane bullshit wonkyjank platforming section to get up to a somewhat charming beach bar thing. That charming little beach bar thing breaks my heart, because it felt like a moment of shining potential for robootto to break through and make something enjoyable, but he knew how to bury it in garbage with an invisible platforming section and another one of those infinite health breakable doors.

I don't recommend the maps. Not for playing with friends, not for any server rotations. Just a straight nope.


  • The beach scene in the third map was pretty charming
  • There are interactable things in this map which I presume work as intended


  • Really, everything including the pros above are marred in jank and are a pain in the ass to play with
  • Almost everything is ugly in its lighting, brushwork, and texture choice
  • Playable areas are not fun and poorly conceived
  • Robootto with more terrible sturdy breakables that take fucking forever
Score: 0.5 / 10
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