Map Review of little-fun-park

by GrandmasterJ | February 13, 2022 | 5132 characters

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So there are three maps here, little fun park, version 2, and mini. I started out in little fun park first and spawned in a dim room with grenades and a door. The door doesn't open. IT becomes apparent that we have to use grenades to open the door, but the door has a ludicrous amount of health. My teammate and I cheated and gave ourselves all the weapons and it took an absurd amount of damage to destroy the door and get out of the room. There is another room with a destructible door here. Thankfully it has less health but it's still annoying.

Out of the spawn room and in the park itself is a variety of strange things to look at. There is a fenced area with four pillars with a platform in the middle and a little booth with computer terminals. In regular little fun park this is inoperable, in both version 2 and mini the computer is used to raise and lower the platform to the top of the pillars. Nothing is up there.

There is a building with a 'maze'. It's not a maze really but a long winding hallway with a computer monitor at the end. Using the monitor will switch screens but does nothing else as far as I can tell. Behind this building are some movable boxes.

There is a building with a small amp from the author's other map, fend, in front alongside two flowerbeds. Behind this building is an opening to a sort of art gallery featuring screenshots of the author's other maps. There are four vortigaunts here.

There is a building with the most interesting architecture of them all that looks like an alien water tower. It's worth noting that a lot of the textures in the map are taken from toonrun, this building in particular. In the middle of the structure there are four pillars and a space in between, looking straight up one can see what looks like a hatch on the underside of the top. As far as I know there is no way to get inside in any of the three maps, and there is an inside, I noclipped in there myself.

There is a narrow tower with a func_vehicle below it. The path it takes is slow, loops around the same area without going far, and is generally boring. In version 2 and mini this path is considerably sped up.

That's the whole fun park.

Version 2 is everything that the first map is, but all slightly improved. In addition to the platform between the pillars actually working there are teleports to new areas in the flower bed and by the movable boxes. The flower bed teleport teleports you to a room with weird stairs that ends in a large train tunnel. The tunnel gets smaller and smaller until players can't fit anymore. I really liked the design and the idea but there was no way out of this area so I had to commit suicide.

The moveable box teleports dumps players directly onto gonomes. This room is an absolute nightmare. It's got strange architecture that I am convinced is the author experimenting with the least fun and most frustrating platforming designs. At point there are ladders everywhere and players have to jump across a gap with steep geometry. But they are also stuck on an invisible ladder. I eventually gauss jumped across while smashing spacebar to detach from any ladders. Eventually the area leads to a bunch of breakable glass, a long jump, and a dead end, once again forcing suicide to return.

I also want to point out that there is a shotgun in this map and nothing else. Players get dumped on a ton of gonomes with barely anything to defend themselves. Its terrible.

The mini version is smashed down and it looks real bad. The spawn room is stretched up and its sides are smashed in. The door is also a red herring, the wall next to the door breaks. Also the spawn room is underwater so enjoy drowning a lot. The map is filled with water, the art gallery is completely submerged. It's here that I realize the func_vehicle is probably supposed to be some sort of jet ski, as it's erratic path suddenly makes more sense going through through water. There is a large train floating in the map, it's a pushable object. The maze is now just a big room with a monitor that still does seemingly nothing.

The biggest point of interest is a door near the pushable boxes. Breaking it leads to a beach scene with some platforming on near invisible platforms. At the end is a health charger that looks like beer and an HEV charger with toonrun textures.

You don't have to play the map, reading this is pretty much all you need to do to enjoy it to the fullest.


  • The toonrun textures and wacky architecture sometimes came together in a nice way
  • There was a lot to look at


  • Complete and utter lack of weapons
  • the spawn room required too much damage to break the door
  • the first map is rendered obsolete by the other two
  • What was with the hatch on that building that looked like an alien water tower?
  • malicious platforming
  • invisible ladders
Score: 1.5 / 10
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