Map Review of galleon

Map review of Galleon

by dunkelschwamm | February 13, 2022 | 3524 characters

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Galleon is, if I understand correctly, a conversion of a Counter-Strike map littered with enemies and scripted weapons. The scripted weapons act much like Counter-Strike weapons and include such hits as: the Mac-10, the AK-47, the Famas, the Fiveseven, the Deagle, the Knife, the P90, and some wonky-ass grenades. The enemies compose mostly of BlackOps snipers, HECU grunts, Heavy Weapons guys, assassins, robogrunts, Otises, and Barnies.

The map begins with the players on the other side of some harbor buildings across from the galleon. There are a myriad of approaches to the attacking the galleon, including from a plank from the harbor, or from a rope, or you can approach from underneath a variety of ways as well. Enemies are placed very strategically, so it pays to approach slowly and with great prejudice. Never assume an open area is safe until you know you've personally killed an enemy in every corner. The very beginning is snipers galore as well.

The well-equipped enemies can be countered by the scripted weapons which punish them very effectively. Having a bunch of different weapons, most of which seem to use their own unique ammo pools, really helps fight the issue Sven maps often have with running out of ammo early. If you run out of ammo- just switch to another of several weapons.

Once you have pushed through the top deck of the galleon, you move through the hull. The main area of interest is a large hold full of robo grunts. Again, there are multiple approaches to this area, most of which are heavily guarded, but each give a unique benefit to approaching the hold. By exploring the area around the hold, your team can effectively back your enemies into impossible situations.

After killing all of the enemies, or enough that they surrender (a mechanic that I'm unsure of how it works) the map ends. It's simple, short, sweet, and I have very little to complain about. I really like how it looks, I love the lighting, I really like the textures, and I think the enemy placement was very solid for a challenge-first map. I also think that the challenge is very well balanced with powerful weapons, and many of them to speak of. After a while I did start to feel like we were just throwing bodies at a grinder in some areas, but I think with more than two people this would have worked out much better. In fact, I think that four people would be a really good number.

Anyway, that's my recommendation. If you're looking for a good actiony map to play with friends or throw onto a server rotation, this really works well- especially if you like Counter-Strike.


  • Great use of lots of custom weapons
  • The map that was, I guess, ported over is really nice looking and full of interesting approaches
  • Enemies are placed so well you'd think the map was made for it
  • Dynamic map with lots of fire fight situations- with corridors, large indoor arenas, large outdoor arenas, sniper fighting- good stuff
  • Very simple, easy to understand objective
  • Lots of approaches makes having more players to ambush great


  • Sometimes a tedious trek to regather weapons after a death
  • Some of the later bits feel a bit slow and grinding, especially against several robogrunts who so easily shrug off attacks
Score: 8.5 / 10
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