Map Review of mega-monster-massacre

by dunkelschwamm | February 19, 2022 | 5228 characters

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Mega Monster Massacre is a classic Sven Co-op map that I remember finding a bit of a tedious grind and not very fun. As of my recent playthrough with a friend, however, of V3, I would say that Mega Monster Massacre is actually a really fun experience full of fantastic set pieces.

The concept is simple: you are given an MP5 and a Shotgun, both with tons of ammo, and are thrust into an alien planet where locations open up as you clear out hostile "mega monsters" from interesting locations. Throughout your adventure you clear a central area full of large, vertical rocky structures which make for terrific cover and obstacles during battle; a cavernous tunnel which burrows deep underground; a simple fortified outpost full of alien grunts which reminded me of the CTF bases in Halo; and a big marsh area with a central tree which can act as cover as well. Each of these locations which you uncover provides opportunities should you manage to lead future mega monsters back to previous locations- such as leading larger monsters back to the CTF base where they cannot get inside or accurate shoot at you, or leading large melee monsters into the cave where they can become confused and trapped, or utilizing the cover of the tree in the swamp to avoid electrical blasts. Each monster you face is a simple premise, and how they interact with the environment is going to dictate how you approach them as well.

The monsters themselves are brilliant in their simplicity: overpowered versions of very simple Half-Life monsters, given goofy and bulbous bodies with silly names, attack swiftly and relentlessly as the players must utilize the stopping force of the shotgun and the constant damage output of the MP5 to keep these monstrosities from insta-gibbing them. Each new segment sees the players face one or two type of monster at a time, usually three per type, until the very end of the map where the players must face a smorgasbord of previous megamonsters to cap things off. I think a good final boss should combine previously mastered challenges, and a clipshow episode of previously mastered challenges is the most brute force way to accomplish that- and you know, it works just fine. It was pretty thrilling to fight these guys throughout, and I don't think that they had too much health to be manageable for two players at all. However, just remember not to let them near spawn. For God's sake, lead them AWAY from spawn.

Keep in mind that there will be a timed segment at the end of the map, so be positioned near where the spaceship will take off in the most recently opened area when the smorgasbord attacks. Once the last monster falls, you'll have ten long seconds to escape before the ship takes off. If you miss it, don't worry- it's just a very charming little spaceship ride above the map before the map abruptly ends.

The map is just really good looking. The monsters are goofy and nondescript, and that can come off as charming but also at times as pretty ugly. The blue planet has very convincing cliffs, and the cave is really impressively brushed out. I also really like the fort that reminds me of Halo- saying it reminds me of Halo architecture is not a put-down at all. I immediately saw all of the function and when the bullsquid boss monster appeared I knew right away that I should lead him to that fort. The little marshland is also a really cute looking area. The spawn points are on really fun factory conveyors with mechanical arms sparking where it seems as though they just got through outfitting or upgrading your person. The spaceship when you leave is pretty basic looking, but there is a practical reason for it to be a simple transparent yellow disc (so players can see out over the map during their flight) so I can't really blame it for that.

Overall, I think Mega Monster Massacre is a really fun, simple map. I think it works really well with two players and would work just as well with up to 6 players. I think it'd be pushing it a bit past that- once you get over that many players I feel like the map would end pretty quickly. If you have an action server, Mega Monster Massacre would fit just fine in your rotation. If you're looking for something to play with a friend, I think it's a fun sci-fi action adventure that you don't have to think about at all.


  • The level looks great
  • Some thrilling simple battles
  • Fantastic arenas which can be cleverly repurposed by crafty players
  • Good choice of weapons and enough ammo
  • The monsters killing the players in like one hit really simplifies matters. Don't get hit.


  • The banana bruisers fight was the only part of this that was anywhere near as tedious as I had remembered
  • The final battle, while practical in what it accomplishes, feels like a bit of a letdown. I don't want to say what I would have done instead, I just don't think a clipshow finale is ever thought of as a satisfying conclusion.
Score: 9 / 10
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