Gears of War 2

by RNG | August 11, 2011 | 1966 characters

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Gears of War ehh?

It doesnt really have muscled grunts of post-apocalyptic future and as beefed aliens fighting together. more like your Osprey map with actually really cool mapping of architecture. Scenery looks approriately skilled and warthemed of where your wandering around in ruins. Weapons are scattered on the shelters of former houses. Theres also sniper which youre gonna need agaisnt the massive amount of grunts in the map, near the medic named Hezus lawl.

Maps problem is its lack of uniqueness other than its fancy war inspired architecture, basically all you do in this map is to kill grunts and finally blow down the osprey. No puzzles, just shoot the fuck out of everything. This map might be bit better in times of 3.0 because of non-altered AI behauvior. In Sven 4 its just fucking hard since 5 grunts often shooting you same time with full auto fire, cant really just cant blame the map for that. The map could been using some more suprising strategies in gameplay rather than racing between rifles and grenades with masses of grunts. Also grunts spawn randomly on places you least expected, can get annoying in time. The map is also pretty dark and has rather large or small areas so navigating grunts can be hard, let along when they hide trying to snipe you from roofs.

The map would really do with some good custom models and music to add more in overall atmosphere, even proper modellers and sound artists are rare in Sven but doesnt stop you to try. My suggestion would also be a custom skill with much more powerful weapons, just of making weapons much more satisfying.


  • Fancy architecture and design


  • Lack of custom stuff
  • Bit of dark
  • Large size variation between areas
  • Occasionally annoying gameplay
Score: 6.5 / 10

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