Map Review of baron-of-snipe

by GrandmasterJ | February 19, 2022 | 2461 characters

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Baron of Snipe is a very simple sniping horde map. Players start in a fortress and on the other side of the map is a building with plenty of windows that is just oozing snipers. There is a large dump of sniper rifles, crossbows, and plenty of ammo for both. Players start with pistols and medkits but there is nothing else in the map, no pistol ammo, no health, no HEV.

My biggest complaint would probably be that male assassins routinely run forward, open the door to the player base, and waltz right in. I think we need to constantly snipe them to prevent that from happening, but when my teammate and my attention was focused on something else they would run right in and annoy us all over again. You can close the door but enemies just open it again.

The roof was my preferred area to snipe. It is accessed via a rope ladder, I hate rope ladders and this one is no exception. It is easy to be stopped by tapping the edge of the ceiling and I constantly get stuck on the end, frozen in place in full view of the map's many snipers. Cover is very limited up here but the vantage point is too nice to resist. Getting ammunition requires going back down and up the rope ladder, ugh.

There are some map details in the middle of the arena plus a female assassin lurking in a corner. This gave my teammate the impression that there may be an objective to accomplish. Eventually we used godmode to explore the enemy stronghold. I can say for certain the only point of this map is endless sniper sniping.

The combat is fun, it's all about sniper and there is plenty to snipe and get sniped by. I definitely think this map would benefit from more players, there are gobs of enemy snipers out there and their combined fire is withering. I really wish the enemies wouldn't rush spawn but I suppose it adds challenge to the map. Once I realized we kept being actively invaded I was able to focus my efforts and keep us mostly clear.


  • This map accomplishes its goal well, it is a solid endless sniping map
  • plenty of ammo
  • good sniping vantage points


  • I wish the enemies didn't periodically sprint for the player spawn area.
  • the rope ladder is bad
Score: 7.5 / 10
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