Map Review of metsa0

Map review of Metsa0

by dunkelschwamm | February 20, 2022 | 2375 characters

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Metsa is, I speculate, an unfinished idea for a map. Perhaps it was an inspired narrative idea, to have several players driven, confined by a cage, in a truck through a jungle toward the next map as his version of the Half-Life tram ride intro. But, that's all entirely speculation.

I figured I would begin my review with speculation because there's little else to go on. The map is clearly broken. Players spawn in the back of a truck, as described above. However, there's nothing pushing the truck forward. After dying and respawning several times we determined that we were doomed to remain in the truck. Nothing in it is destructible as far as we can tell. There's a gauss canon that I can't tell its purpose. The space is spacious for the back of a truck, but still pretty cramped to be the entire playable space of the map.

At this point we noclipped, my comrade and I. The truck is brushed and textured to completion, and it looks just fine. The greater world outside of the truck is a big hallway with jungle textured walls and some funky green lighting. Up in the ceiling there's a zombie just kinda chilling. The environment out here is fine to evoke a jungle from within the truck. There's a bunch of explosive crates around which serve an unknown purpose. There's a wood door to nowhere with another crate in front of it behind where the truck begins. At the opposite end of the map, directly ahead of the truck, there is a large blast door. Approaching this prompts a level transition to the next Metsa map, of which there is none (to my knowledge). This is where I speculate that this may have been intended as a grand intro in the style of Half-Life to a larger project.

As a final insult, the truck can be compelled to drive forward to the level transition if you press the back bumper from an angle which is inaccessible unless you cheat and noclip.

This map is unfinished and most of its content is locked off by sticking the players in a cage. Don't play it. Don't put it in a map rotation.



  • Unfinished, most of the content locked off.
Score: 0 / 10
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