Map review of Helms Deep

by hydeph | November 11, 2006 | 2872 characters

TIHan helped me out with his server to play this little number. Overall I really liked the map.


Unfortunately like all NIPPER's map this one lacks real effort. The bare minimum stands before us, simple blocks and triangles make up the geometry and the far edge of the map is the somewhat "controversial" skybox end to the world. As a whole the fortification looks accurate, as far as the Half-Life engine can handle. All the parts of Helms Deep are there, it's just a matter details. There could have been more aesthetically pleasing design elements, but it works well now and the engine can handle it.


All sound effects are standard Half-Life stuff, and very boring. The Helm Hammerhand (the horn) is present and accounted for and is blown to commence the final attack, which I found to be very neat.


The entire map lacks detail, which is a shame because it plays so well. The map follows the same storyline as the movie and is pretty well paced. I thought there could have been more monsters, as a server full of players quickly pushes through the map. Monsters spawn at the base of the wall and the map begins. The map progresses in parallel to the movie. Ladders go up against the walls, and Orcs flood the top of the wall and you and your fellowship are pushed back. The monsters move deeper into the fort, and the players are finally pushed into the last room left. Sequences initiate and you soon find yourself
outside with Gandalf fighting against the Boss!

Originality 8/10

This was difficult to give an accurate mark to. On one hand, the map is a total ripoff of Lord of The Rings, yet it's pretty fun and follows the other LoTR map, Moria. I give this map a 8/10 because the fun factor was enough to make me forget about how much the map is similar to the movie. Also, Moria definitely needed a sequel and this works quite well.

Monster Usage/Item Placement

The defenders of Helms Deep stand upon the wall, and for some reason sometimes shoot firearms. The enemy monsters are placed in similar fashion as the movie suggests. The defenders are a bit sparse and weak, and are easily toppled by the invading Orcs. It was sad to see comrade after comrade fall to the impervious blows of the might Orcs.


A very fun map but it lacks detail and a real challenge. Good for a rotation or two with your buddies at a LAN, or a LoTR marathon on some server.. somewhere…


  • storyline gameplay
  • encourages teamwork
  • good use of NPC's


  • bland texturing
  • could have been more monsters
  • low overall detail
Score: 7.3 / 10

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