Map Review of modern-glass-box

by GrandmasterJ | February 26, 2022 | 1577 characters

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Just as the map description says, players start off in a big glass box and have to break through it to get out. There are multiple levels of glass to break through with increasing health. There are miniguns here which help a lot but after we broke through the first level the miniguns were no longer able to be picked up. Without miniguns we had to resort to using explosives in close quarters to do any real damage. When we blew ourselves up we would respawn where the first level was, way above our current floor, we fell and took fall damage every time.

Eventually we broke through and jumped into water. But it wasn't water, it was a lie and there is an island right under the fake water screen that is impossible to avoid. The height is too great, all players will splatter on this island. Also players spawn above the hole which is right over the island so from this point on players spawn in and drop to their deaths.

My teammate noclipped around and found gonomes with 8000 health underneath actual water under the island. We killed them with cheats and nothing happened.

This map is a slog and offers no reward at the end.


  • I love the miniguns at the beginning


  • gameplay was attacking the floor
  • after the floor is gone all that remains is death
Score: 0.5 / 10
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