Map Review of modern-glass-box

by dunkelschwamm | February 26, 2022 | 2051 characters

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Robootto strikes again with a map which is finely tuned to distasteful design. Modern Glass Box is a downward vertical map wherein the players' objective is to destroy the ground beneath them, several times, via any means available to them. At first this is chainguns, but as they break through the layers of glass floors they come across explosives as well. The entire chamber is glass, the breakable floors are glass. If you couldn't see the layers beneath the player and know Robootto's shenanigans you might not know that you need to shoot through the glass floor because it has a lot of health- the walls and ceiling are made out of the exact same type of glass but are unbreakable, so if somebody were to try on either of those first they might give up after the ground doesn't break initially.

That said, it's layer after layer of inconsistently durable floors until you reach the bottom of the glass: an unbreakable glass floor with a single glass embed in the middle, with an MP5 on top of it. Breaking this glass square embed opens things to the second phase of he map: falling hell. The players spawn directly above the open pit and so any death causes them to fall to their deaths. Falling through the pit starting from the bottom of the glass chamber still causes the player to violently die upon landing on a platform beneath the hole. There is what appears to be the facade of water all around this, but it does nothing. By somehow cheating and surviving to the bottom, there are three gonomes with ridiculous amounts of health.

Don't play this map. Theres's really nothing worth checking out here.



  • It's mostly waiting for things to break as you hammer them
  • Terrible conveyance
  • Respawn into death fall
  • Unfinishable
Score: 0.1 / 10
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