Map Review of apache

Map review of Apache

by GrandmasterJ | March 5, 2022 | 2582 characters

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Inspired by a particularly bad fight with an apache I thought I would play a map designed around the apache. There were a lot more robo grunts than I thought there would be.

The map design is simple, players spawn at the end of a hallway with two turns in it. There is a room immediately to the left which has a shotgun, ammo, health, and HEV. At the other end of the hallway is a room that opens up to a courtyard where the infamous apache lives. Robot grunts continuously spawn in this arena and rush into the hallway. They can and frequently do make it to spawn and give players a hard time. There are only three robo grunts at a time and players start with grenades, so herding them is pretty easy.

My biggest complaint with this map is that it is never satisfying to fight against infinitely spawning enemies with high health. Zombies are a popular respawning monster because they are easy to deal with. Having respawning robo grunts be the main obstacle just doesn't feel like progress is being made. I can empty a whole shotgun into a robo grunt and it won't react except to shoot me. Fighting the robo grunts felt like wading through quicksand.

The key to winning this map is to first press the button opposite the exit to the courtyard. It's by a security door and kind of blends into the surroundings. This will turn a green light on and friendly human grunts will start to spawn in. They are fantastic cannon fodder and distractions. Incidentally there is also a button next to what looks like a door. I pressed this button and nothing happened.

To kill the apache and win the map player must run outside and run up a staircase of crates to get on top of a red shipping container. There is a rocket launcher here. Once the apache is dead the map ends.

The map definitely lacks polish, and perhaps a little more thought to the design of the final arena. Dealing with the robo grunts was not fun. I did appreciate the healthy supply zone near spawn, going into battle with full HEV helped immensely.


  • Great HEV and shotgun supply zone near spawn
  • the friendly grunts helped tip the odds in our favor
  • map was very straightforward


  • the robo grunts were not satisfying to fight
  • spawn was invaded by enemies multiple times
  • level design is block and forgettable.
Score: 5.5 / 10
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