Map Review of apache

Map review of Apache

by dunkelschwamm | March 5, 2022 | 2125 characters

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Apache is a short map that was made for a different time- a time before Sven Co-op updated and made the enemies that were already present way harder, thereby fucking with the balance and design of every map which had committed the sin of using and trusting Sven's content continuity.

The map is running down a hallway, attempting to survive respawning robogrunts, and then shooting at an apache until something kills you or you die. I fell asleep playing it, and most of what I remember before losing consciousness was repeatedly running into walls and throwing grenades hoping to disrupt the robogrunts. Using this strategy of falling asleeping playing and constantly throwing grenades, I scatted the robogrunts just enough that my ally could repeatedly throw himself at damaging the apache until we won.

The brushwork and stuff attempts to use what's there to make lots of environment, but really it's just a lot of what we've already seen so much in Half-life content that it all blurs together for me. This does nothing exceptional, and what unexceptional things it does it does pretty unexceptionally.

The frank matter of it is that this is a map that doesn't feel designed, housing enemies that feel considered spur-of-the-moment, and the only real strategy is to throw bodies at it. It's a lazy idea executed more lazily.

If you have a server that just rotates purely through filler, this would fit probably pretty well in there. This is a filler map if ever I've seen one. I don't particularly care for it very much, but if constantly running at robogrunts in a hallway for a chance to shoot at a helecopter sounds fun then pick this up.


  • This map technically has an apache on it, as advertised.
  • The map is technically beatable.


  • Looks bland
  • Annoying, barely thought-out combat
  • It's kind of a nothing
Score: 4 / 10
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