Map Review of alien-defense

by dunkelschwamm | March 6, 2022 | 1665 characters

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Alien Defense is a map wherein players team up with respawning grunts in a moderately sized fortress to hold back respawning shock troopers, alien controllers, and pit drones. There is a healthy selection of weapons so players can choose how they want to endlessly battle their foes.

The mapping is serviceable, boilerplate. It doesn't really evoke a real location as much as the impression of an understandable location: a fortress in some sort of desert valley at night. It's easy to understand that much.

Overall, there's very little to say about it. The map is fine, and the encounter seems balanced enough that we could have fun with it for a while. But, without a goal or any variance it is still fighting the same enemies over and over again with the same handful of weapons. Alien controllers keep things shaken up so the shock troopers and pit drones aren't constantly being mowed down.

I feel like it's an awfully unambitious map all things considered. If you're running a server and need horde filler, maybe you can choose this one. I'm sure there's better, though. This really feels like it's hitting the bare minimums.


  • Good arsenal for fighting enemies
  • I like fighting pit drones and shock troopers
  • Allied grunts keep things interesting


  • Boilerplate atmosphere
  • In the first five seconds you've played everything the map will offer
Score: 6 / 10
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