Map Review of sv-mountain-remake

by GrandmasterJ | March 6, 2022 | 3437 characters

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This map is supposedly a remake of another map, also called SV Mountain. I don't really get it, that map was all about platforming with some action, and this remake is a walkthrough map with no platforming. The original story was literally 'bla bla bla" so I don't see any connection storywise. There is a crystal at the end of both of them so that's one thing in common.. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for drawing inspiration and making a new thing, I'm glad this map exists but I don't see much of a connection between the original and the remake.

The map starts off and players only have a desert eagle and a medkit, no crowbar. Survival mode is also on by default for some reason, although I turned it off and the map had updating checkpoints which was really nice. At one point zombies and headcrabs were spawned in swarms all over us and we couldn't get away but with only seven deagle shots we could only take out so many before becoming completely useless. We had to choice but to die to get more ammo. Before this we had to break a vent and crate to progress in the level, wasting what precious little ammo we had.

Shortly after this room there was a spot with two respawning ammo boxes. My teammate and I camped there until we had plenty of ammo and the rest of the map was not as hard. But we had to die a lot in this room. The severe lack of ammo and melee weapon in the early game is a real drag. That room did have a checkpoint in it so at least we didn't have to walk across the whole map to shoot our seven shots before having to die again.

There was also a dark vent section in the map. My teammate went right and I went left, he ended up right at the exit and I went on a long journey to the other side of a grate where I could look upon him in his triumph and covet all he has. I don't know how I did it but I did manage to make my way all the way back to where he was and escape the dark vent hell. It took forever.

The rest of the map was fairly simple once we got some ammo. We picked up a wrench and shotgun in another room and continued. The combat was mostly moving room, hall, room, killing aliens along the way. It all starts to blend together. At the end there is a boss battle with two gonarchs. There are ammo packs laying around and the M16 right before this. After killing them both a kingpin shows up. Killing him makes a crystal appear and killing that wins the game.

All in all a decent map. The early game lack of ammo was a real issue and wasn't great. I also really wish survival mode was off, I'm really glad I run my own server because this map is unplayable without it off. It's even optimized for dying a lot so once its off the rest of the map is good.


  • great updating checkpoints
  • solid boss battle with plenty of ammo
  • I'm really glad I don't have to platform in this map


  • severe lack of ammo in the early game, forcing players to die to resupply
  • lack of melee weapon and breakable objects blocking progression force use of precious ammo
  • I didn't like the vent section
  • it's kind of a bummer that the map has survival mode on. It's clearly a mistake and easily fixed, but still
Score: 4.5 / 10
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