Map Review of sv-mountain-remake

by dunkelschwamm | March 6, 2022 | 3120 characters

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Sv Mountain Remake is a "Remake" in the same sense that "Batman Begins" is a remake of the Adam West show. There are a few shades of the same concept, but it's utterly a different thing.

Sv Mountain Remake is an adventure walkthrough map that takes the player through strange, large rooms that I couldn't tell made sense in any real life fashion but were fun pastiches of the types of shit Half-Life assets do best: A room full of toppled shelf racks where you have to crawl around a toxic spill; a lobby waiting area with portals which drop enemies in; alien rooms with strange, pulsating walls- the typical Half-Life map aesthetic ballooned out a bit to make it all feel a bit artificial and whimsical. Room after room, but none of it makes a whole lot of sense or feels horribly connected to the last.

Fight vortigaunts, zombies, alien grunts, gonomes, and headcrabs through most of the map! Your tools for dealing with them are unfortunately limited through most of the map- you begin with only a desert eagle for which you will find only scant ammo for. When I say you only have that, I mean you also get a medkit, but no crowbar or wrench (until much, much later). That means boxes which are in your way, vents, all enemies- it needs to be the desert eagle. Eventually you find a shotgun, then some other weapons, and eventually even a wrench. Once your weapon repertoire expands I would say the map becomes far more playable.

After fighting two gonarchs, a kingpin, and destroying a xen crystal the map ends pretty abruptly. I felt conflicted about the combat in general. The map knew what it was doing when it came to moving checkpoints up, so action was always right in front of us. A bunch of the combat was enemies just dropping out of portals that hung permanently affixed to a point in the sky. The enemies weren't bad to fight with the weapons on display, but the ammo was so low and the weapons were trickled in so slowly that I really felt the need to just count every bullet. Without a melee weapon early on, even breaking through a vent grate can be stressful.

Overall, I think I liked the map. I'd recommend playing it with friends, lots of friends, so you can all have your combined ammo. If you have a server that needs some action maps, this could work out alright if you've already hit some of the higher rated ones.


  • Good checkpoint system
  • Interesting visuals
  • Everything was pretty gravy once we had a bunch of weapon with their own ammo pools
  • Fun final fight


  • Idk if this is a con, but nothing like the original at all until it's actually pointed out?
  • There's no ammo and it's a problem dude.
  • A bunch of the fights are just monsters falling out of portals
  • Give us a melee weapon earlier on if every puzzle early on is going to require breaking brushes to proceed
Score: 5.9 / 10
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