Map Review of allahu-ackbar

by GrandmasterJ | March 19, 2022 | 2533 characters

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I did not expect great things from this map. Thankfully, it was short. The map is also broken, right in the map description it says the goal is to get into the white zone, as far as I can tell the door to the white zone does not open and the path is covered by neverending explosions that kill you anyway. So the map is impossible to beat.

There are two maps here. Both maps start out with the player in a rough underground room, there is a wide dark hallways leading down at a slope. Human grunts will attack up through here. Players start off with a nice wide variety of weapons, but not too much ammo. My favorite here is the SAW and I usually burn all my ammo on these beginning soldiers. There is HEV and satchel charges here before the hallway continues to a large room. There are four towers in this room with a Counter-Strike style bomb target on the ground. Detonating at least two satchel charges here will destroy the towers, start playing some middle eastern chanting of a certain phrase, and cause explosions in this room forever, blocking off the exit.

The second map is the first map but it has an alternate route to get to the tower room, a toom filled with lava that players can platform over. It's also got some more detailed level details, but the rest is the same. The whole map takes place underground with the cliffs texture used liberally. It looks really flat and samey.

The map is clearly unfinished. What is here is not very fun, I did enjoy the weapon selection and the extra HEV was nice. In the very beginning the players are treated to this message: "you are an hero now and collect 72 virgins alluah ackbar you are an ascended warrior. jk nsa map is for joke only fag". I don't really get what the joke was, maybe its that the map is not good. There was very little of a level to actually play here and it seems the goal was to annoy or offend players. Either way, not a fun experience.


  • good weapon selection
  • the little combat was made fun by the weapon selection


  • level end is inaccessible
  • neverending explosions would prevent the level end from being reached even if it was accessible
  • blocky and bland level design
  • the map description swears this map is a joke, but its not funny
Score: 2 / 10
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