Map Review of uni

Map review of Uni

by Joseph | July 5, 2011 | 1494 characters

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Honestly, the only bad thing is that I got scared by the sudden shock of the creepy ending images and bent my glasses. ^_^'
That said, I think uni is a great horror mp, and in all seriousness, I've played it twice now. First time was with two friends on Sven Co-op of course, and it took us about three hours. Today, July 5, 2011, I played it again, and I was a bit disappointed, that him as his first play through, although he loved it and got scared hilariously, we beat it in under an hour, and I let him make a majority of the decisions so it was more like him playing and me just supporting and giving tips, which came along rarely. Me and my three friends were just feeling a little tired at 3 am, but then again, it's 8:12 right now(as these past few words were typed) and we just pulled an all-nighter. But of course, he's a different being, sooooooooo yeah. But anyways, I give it an 8/10, and he gives it a 7/10, and we're both looking forward to the sequel.
Looking forward to it? Nay….. Waiting for it with bated breaths. I can't wait to see it. Work on it. NOW! :D


  • Good scares
  • Fun with friends
  • Has custom modeled creatures


  • Can be breezed through or take hours depending on player skill
  • May scare you a bit too badly
  • The second one is not out yet
Score: 8.5 / 10

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