Map Review of nuclear-poison

by GrandmasterJ | April 17, 2022 | 1891 characters

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Players spawn at the top of a tall dark shaft, at the bottom is green goo that teleports players to an adjacent shaft that is green and has the word 'nuclear' spelled out vertically in huge letters. While falling down the green shaft players can angle themselves to land on the letters in 'nuclear', some of parts of some letters have grenades. The bottom of the shaft is a sure death unless you can angle towards a tiny square of water in one corner.

The only real gameplay in this map consists of trying to survive the fall from spawn and then killing two zombies with loads of health at the bottom of the shaft. There is a wrench and an uzi down here but the best tactic is to try to land on a letter and rain down grenades or try to land on the zombies themselves. I landed a real good hit and gibbed one but I needed my teammate to help me with grenade support for the other one.

When the map was apparently over I noclipped around to see what else was there. There is nothing, I have described the map in its entirety. There is not much gameplay here. I did somewhat enjoy trying to stick my landing successfully, but once I did it there was nothing left.


  • The 'puzzle' of not dying on spawn can be fun
  • there were decent weapons to fight the zombies with very high health
  • the grenades thrown from letter above reached the zombies below


  • not dying immediately on spawn takes some effort
  • the reward for sticking the landing is a close quarters fight with two high health zombie soldiers
  • not much else to do, no real goal, can't explore without cheats, combat is stupid
Score: 3.5 / 10
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